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Blog no. 15 – How to step into the world of Project Management

I am often being approached with a question - “How do I get into the world of Project Management?” By pursuing any certification? Can I get in without any prior experience? - I’ll try & simplify with this article for everyone, who is aspiring to get into the glorious world of Project Management. (Also, you... Continue Reading →

Success story no. 6 – Article publish on CROOW’s website

Happy to share that my article on Project brief was published on CROOW’s website on 23rd Feb. ‘21. Here’s the URL - Please visit their website to understand more about their offerings into Project Management & browse through my blog page for more articles on PM. Am open to collaborate on blog / articles... Continue Reading →

Blog no. 14 – How to work effectively as a remote Project Manager

Remote working, already on the rise in recent years, has become even more prominent after the COVID-19 lock down. Even businesses that have long shied away from working from home have seen the positive impact it can have on the workforce and overall productivity. With the rise in the number of remote jobs, particularly project... Continue Reading →

Guest blog no. 1 – How to Organize Your Social Media Posting Process

I am extremely excited & happy to inform that my blog page “The Management Atheneum” will be partnering with CROOW - Creative Project Management team, in coming days. CROOW is a creative project management software, built to streamline communication between Clients & Marketing teams. CROOW & TMA’s end goal is to help Project Managers succeed... Continue Reading →

Blog no. 13 – Five common Project Management mistakes

Managing a complex project is no walk in the park. In order to thrive, project managers must understand team member and stakeholder engagement, goals and challenges, budgeting, team communication, and the inevitable road bumps that will force your team to demonstrate flexibility. The thing is, even if you're not a project manager by trade, it’s... Continue Reading →

Blog no. 12 – Let’s talk about Project Initiation phase

I am often being approached by Project Managers for guidance on Project Initiation phase. PMs (esp. who are new) often find this phase as challenging due to lack of clarity. Hence, I chose this topic for my next blog to help my fellow Project Managers. There are many different project methodologies to use, depending on... Continue Reading →

The Gnosis series – Episode 2 – Project plan

Welcome to the Episode 2 of “The Gnosis Series”. Gnosis is a Greek word for Knowledge. This series will include short articles on Leadership, Management & Project Management which will enlighten my readers and motivate them. Ever wondered why a project plan is required for low complexity projects? I can give you few reasons ...... Continue Reading →

Success story no. 4 – Thank you certificate from our very own – PMI

Ahh, what a way to end 2020 - Received my Thank You certificate last weekend from Project Management Institute (my first one) for volunteering multiple projects in 2020. Am open to conduct sessions on Project Management & other topics as it’s my passion to spread my knowledge with everyone – FOR FREE ! 🙂 Please... Continue Reading →

Success story no. 3 – Session on “Why you should choose project management as a career option”

I was invited to speak to a bunch of aspiring Project Management (PMP) students as a guest speaker. I emphasised on why opting for a career path into Project Management is interesting & lucrative. Thanks to PMO Advisory team for this opportunity Emphasised on why opting for a career path into Project Management is interesting... Continue Reading →

Blog no. 10 – Cheers to another successful Thanksgiving, thanks to Project Management

It is that time of the year again where we celebrate with good food & drinks along with our loved ones - It’s Thanksgiving !! On that note, am going to write about how Project Management helps us with our personal activities as well. Happy thanksgiving to all my dear readers 🤗 You must be... Continue Reading →

Blog no. 9 – Ten mantras for successful project management

Don’t wish for it, work for it Project management is all about making the project happen & to achieve the agreed objectives. It is a discipline of initiating, planning, executing, and managing resources with the goal of completing specific deliverables within the assigned budget and time. And what’s challenging is - To keep pace with... Continue Reading →

Blog no. 8 – Too much time spent on tracking progress? Here’s what you need to do

“If you can't measure it, you can't manage it and you can't fix it” – Mike Bloomberg The above mentioned sentence perfectly summarizes the role of project tracking in an organization. Most project managers spend a significant portion of their time on progress tracking because of how important it is. It helps managers ensure cohesiveness... Continue Reading →

Success story no. 2 – Session with PMP students

I had an opportunity to speak to an awesome set of enthusiastic Project Management (PMP) students - emphasizing on the importance of documentation, how to manage failure and importance of adding value to a project. Thoroughly enjoyed their questions which mainly revolved around failure, project artefacts & effective comms. Pleasure to have many positive feedback... Continue Reading →

Blog no. 6 – Eight key benefits of effective Project Risk Management

I have been fortunate enough to work on Tier 1 projects with top tier organizations for just over a decade. I have also been recently blessed with PMI-RMP certification & soon expecting a PG-APM certification as well. With this experience & academic background, I have managed to pen down few benefits of effective Project Risk... Continue Reading →

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